Yes, I know that the title sounds like something it is not so hear me out. For about the last 9 months I have had an almost constant headache everyday and I had also had migraine. Now in the beginning I was told I needed glasses which was quite a big change for me, but now several months later my headache is even worse and more often and then during this period I have even changed into new glasses to see if it would help. Two months ago I got an appointment with a doctor who told me my headache was a mixture between migraine and stress. The doctor told me that my shoulders were as hard as rocks and also my neck which is causing a lot of my headaches and nausea. Except telling me how to deal with the migraine she also told me to walk down to the basement were there is a rehab. It did not hit me that this was a rehab for movement and similar things until I got there. Anyhow once I get to the reception one of the employees asked me why I needed an appointment so I could get the proper treatment. Since that day I have been going there about twice a week geting acupuncture. The first time I was a bit scared but honestly I could not feel the needles at all. Now two months later I do since my muscles are finally relaxing at times which makes me happy since I do not have an constant headache anymore. Several days I have actually been completely headache free which is rather strange since I barely remember how it feels to not have one. The fact that I have been relieved from a lot of stress might help as well. The best part is that my physiotherapist says that be believes that one day in a near future I will be fully healed, and considering the fact I have been feeling bad for the last 9 months I can’t wait until that day comes.


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