7 things

A few days ago I read some of my old posts and I became aware of how sad and depressing my blog actually is. That along with me reading a new book made me realize that, that is not what I want. I am much more than just my depression, and a part of me wants to share that. Wants to share more of me and who I am as a person other than just the bad feelings. Everything will still be anonymous, so if I ever mention a friend or person by name it will not be their real one. My depression is still a big part of my life meaning I will not stop writing about it, it just won’t be the only thing. Personally I think this is a good thing. Being able to write about things that make me feel great might actually help my wellbeing. So from now on, hopefully, my writings will look a little brighter. To start off in this new journey of ‘getting to know me’, other than my pain, I thought I would write a few things about myself.

  1. I am from and currently living in Sweden, though I have a dream of one day moving to England.
  2. As I have mentioned before I love to write and I have actually written 1 complete novel, begun with a sequel and several short stories. Although I have not published any of them.
  3. During the last 3 years I have been studying languages at upper secondary school. In all I have studied: Swedish, English, French, Italian and Latin. However, privately I have also studied a bit of Japanese.
  4. Nerd is probably the best word to describe me. I am incredibly geeky when it comes to certain things such as; youtubers, music, greek mythology, Disney films, specific video-games, the King Arthur story, and my favorite tv-series and films.
  5. In general I am a very creative person and I practice that through drawing, painting, writing, taking photographs and playing different instruments.
  6. I am incredibly socially awkward, slightly introverted, mumble and talk to myself at times.
  7. I am fairly lazy and procrastinate more than what is probably healthy, yet if I put my mind to it things usually have an outcome with brilliant results.

One thought on “7 things

  1. I love that you are wanting to write about more than your depression. I think it is an excellent idea. I also agree that it is only a part of you and that we have many dimensions. What better way to explore ourselves than to write about it? 😊

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