Supportive Much?

In short, neither of my parents have ever shown much suport or encouragement in my interests or visions. I have been forced to have certain hobbies and give up others. Since I moved out two years ago this have of course been different. Except the one big thing; the reason I moved. I moved 400 km to attend university where I study Literature and Academic writing. Since the age of thirteen I have wanted to be a writer and I am much interested in languages, so for me this was the obvious choice. I was over the moon seeing the programme is also in English, which I honestly prefer speaking rather than Swedish.

Now, my father is still against me being of a creative mind; he have always wanted me to be a surgeon. ‘Creativity is a waste of time’ according to him. So, me studying literature is basically the most stupid thing on earth. The only reason I am allowed to stay is because I am good at it. Personally, it feels like it is the only thing I am good at. For example, I recently was employed as a freelance translator which I am very much qualified to be; I have a CAE-degree and have studied languages for five years. This my dad thinks is the biggest lie I have been told yet. He says that they will never actually give me any job opportunities and that I am a failure. It has only been three weeks and I am in the running to get my first assignment. Thanks for the support.

Some of the things I have been told over the years:

• “You will never get a job.”

• “You’re too dumb to ever make anything of yourself.”

• “Why would you study that, it’s useless.”

• me: “So, you’re telling me to work at a job I detest for the rest of my life, instead of doing something I enjoy and am actually good at doing?” dad: “Yes, obviously.”

• me: “I refuse to be a surgeon.” dad: “Okay, so you don’t have to be a bone surgeon. You shall be a brain surgeon.”

• me: “Why can you never be supportive when it comes to me?” dad: “I’m being realistic, unlike you.”

• “Why even bother, it’s not like you would be able to make anything of yourself.”