England calling

The last week I went on a school trip to Brighton with my class for 5 days. We have known about this trip for 2 years, during this time I have been very exited since I have always wanted to go there and I wish to move to London in about 9 months. This dream of mine made it possible for me to actually enjoy my time despite my depression. For 5 days I felt good and finally at home. For as long as I can remember I have never felt like I belong anywhere, but once I got there I did. Anyhow, we stayed at a little hostel about 200 meters from the Brighton Pier which was marvelous. Our first day we spent eating cream tea and wondering around the Royal Pavilion and afterwards we went to the University of Sussex. Walking the grounds of the school was like being in a teenage film but at the same time it all seemed very natural.


Day 2 we rented a bus that took us to the Roman vila in Bignor. The remainings of the house were incredible. The mosaic floors were beautiful and the architecture was amazing, it is extraordinary how they could build such wonders. Later we ate lunch in Chichester were me and a friend wondered the ground of a ruin that used to be a castle. Since it was closed for the season we unfortunately were not aloud to see much. Then we took of to Chawton to visit the house in which Jane Austen lived with her family. It was a good feeling walking the grounds were she used to live, it gave you a form of insight about how her life was.

IMG_0853       IMG_2225

The third day was a day were we got to choose where we wanted to go whereof my friends and I decided to go to London. To see the Big Ben and London Eye with your own eyes was fantastic, after we took a stroll along Oxford street.

IMG_2245        IMG_2246

The next day we rented the bus again and went to Hastings and Battle. Charming little towns. Hastings I found highly beautiful but we did not get to see much of Battle more than the place where ‘the battle of Hastings’ took place which laid by an exquisite school.

IMG_2262       IMG_2258

The fifth and last day me and my best friend decided to spend at the Brighton Pier were we spent some time in the arcade. We also went on the rollar coaster called ‘Horror Hotel’ since I asked her, Halloween and everything supernatural has always fascinated me. Later we had lunch together just the two of us. We sat at the stairs down to the beach eating fish and chips, honestly it was one of my favorite moments during our entire trip. For a moment everything was toned down, calm, good and just simply beautiful. None of us wanted to loose that feeling which is why we went to a café so we could have some more alone time. I felt sad leaving, for the first time ever had I felt like this and once we got on to the airplane I was afraid I might never return. Hopefully I will, maybe as soon as a few months.